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23 Lug 2008

La Newsletter del ROR

Riceviamo dagli Stati Uniti la newsletter di Reach Out and Read

Subject: Share your love of reading today!

Summer is a great time to read, and it’s a busy time at all of our 3,797 ROR sites across the country. Many children will visit their doctors particularly if they will be starting school in the fall.

The first three years of life are the most crucial in a child’s cognitive (brain) development and parents play the largest role in setting their child off on the right start. While parents do many things to help their children in this learning process; scientific evidence shows us that the most important thing that parents can do is to read and talk with their children.

This is why more than 50,000 doctors, through the Reach Out and Read program have stepped forward to not only advise parents about the vital importance of reading to their children (during every check-up until children begin kindergarten) but to give them the books (tools) that will lay the groundwork for early literacy in more than 3,300,000 children across America.

Physicians encouraging parents to take on this responsibility for their children’s early learning, will help to ensure that children arrive at school ready to learn.

Every day this summer, ROR practitioners around the country will distribute about 21,000 books! Our dedicated doctors and nurses give the books as part of delivering primary care, and they do it because they understand how important these books are for their patients. But they need to buy the books, and each one costs about $2.75, so our daily book expenses are more than $57,000.

Every gift we receive makes a difference in the life of a child, and we are grateful for both our public and private sectors supporters. This summer, we hope that you will join us in helping young children across the country experience the pleasures of being read to and the love of books that can start so early and mean so much.

Your gift of $500, $250, $100, or any amount will mean more books in the hands and homes of children. Just follow the link to make a gift to Reach Out and Read. Thank you for helping to make reading part of a healthy childhood!


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